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How to write your first blog post - 2022

We thought, hesitated, and tormented and decided to start a blog ... Want a life in which no one will tell you what to do, and will not ask you to vacuum the carpets right after work? This is what you want. What the soul wants. And the body is ready to join and write without interruption. And the boss nags and ruins the mood every day ... and even calls on weekends. Yes. The truth is, that blogging provides that kind of freedom and luxury. Under certain conditions, of course. But in this period of time, it does not matter. Today a blank page of the first blog post is open. To get to a fantastic place where there are no bosses and boring relatives, you need to start right and make sure that you have chosen the right route.

Set up a blog and start writing posts. The first blog post lays the foundation and becomes the foundation for the future business. Well, of course, blogging is a business. It doesn't matter if you think about it or understand it later. Therefore, make the first blog entry correctly, which will bring further success. You are not striving to become one of the ghost blogs that gather dust on the Internet. Exaggerated and embellished. But there is some truth in this. 95% of new bloggers leave the Internet. Why empty experiments and waste of time, if there is a chance to do it right right away? The first blog post does not have to be something that will shake the web, cause an earthquake in the Andes and flood those around with a sparkling fountain.

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