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Gujarat two-wheeler Yojana 2023 | E-bike Sahay Yojana Gujarat

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Hello Readers, The pollution situation in the world is increasing very much due to which the human life has become a threat. Yes, to avoid pollution, now electric cars are also coming in the market. Due to which the danger of spreading pollution becomes very negligible. So today we are going to get detailed information about Gujarat two wheeler scheme 2023.

In today's era, pollution has become a major concern. And scientists have been very careful to prevent pollution. That's why they have made a battery-powered electric bike with this new technology. Due to which the pollution has spread very less. And Keeping this in mind, the Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA) of the Government of Gujarat has implemented the Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme 2023. Due to which more and more people drive electric scooters and pollution in the environment is reduced and the environment remains clean.

Gujarat Two Wheeler Yojana
ઇલેક્ટ્રિક બાઇક સબસિડી | ગુજરાત ટુ-વ્હીલર યોજના 2023 | ગુજરાતમાં ઇલેક્ટ્રિક બાઇક પર સબસિડી | ઇલેક્ટ્રિક સ્કૂટર સબસિડી ગુજરાત | ઇ-બાઇક સહાય યોજના ગુજરાત | ઇ-બાઇક યોજના ગુજરાત | ઇલેક્ટ્રિક બાઇક યોજના ગુજરાત સરકાર | ઇ-બાઇક યોજના ગુજરાત | એરિક્સો યોજના ગુજરાત | ઇલેક્ટ્રિક ટુ-વ્હીલર સબસિડી ગુજરાત | ગુજરાત ઇલેક્ટ્રિક બાઇક યોજના | ગુજરાતમાં સરકારી ઇલેક્ટ્રિક બાઇક યોજના | Gujarat two-wheeler Yojana 2023


This scheme is mainly implemented by GEDA, the Energy Department of the Government of Gujarat. Its objective is to bring the pollution spread by vehicles under control. That is why this aid has been implemented by the government.

This assistance is measured for a total of 2 types of vehicles . A subsidy of Rs.12,000/- is given to students studying in class 9 to 12 in the state if they buy a two-wheeler electric vehicle and Rs.48,000 /- to other individuals/organizations if they buy a three -wheeler electric vehicle . It means that the government gives E bike subsidy in gujarat on such vehicles. So that people drive more and more electric vehicles and come under pollution control.
Name of the schemeGujarat Two Wheeler Scheme 
assistanceSubsidy assistance of Rs.12,000/- for purchase of electric two wheeler for class 9 to 12 and college students.
Subsidy assistance of Rs.48,000/- to any individual/institution for purchase of electric three wheeler.
objectiveAid is provided to control vehicular pollution so that more and more people can take up electric vehicles.
BeneficiaryStudents studying in class 9 to 12 and college of Gujarat state and any individual/institution.
Type of applicationOffline and Online
contactClick Here
Where to apply?Online application can be done by visiting the GEDA office or by visiting the Digital Gujarat portal.
Gujarat two wheeler scheme 

Electric Bike Subsidy - Benefits

Under this scheme, Rs.12,000 /- subsidy is given to students studying in class 9 to 12 of Gujarat state and studying in college if they buy an electric bike . And other person/organization if they want to buy electric rickshaw or electric three wheeler vehicle. So they are given subsidy assistance of Rs.48,000/- .

Subsidy In Electric Bike Gujarat Eligibility – Eligibility

In the state of Gujarat, GEDA provides subsidy for buying E bike and E Rickshaw . Students and persons with following eligibility will be considered eligible for electric bike sahay yojana.

  • Beneficiary must be native of Gujarat state .
  • For Gujarat two wheeler scheme the beneficiary should be studying in class 9 to 12 or college.
  • Beneficiary students are required to have a bonafide certificate .
  • Beneficiary for Gujarat three wheeler scheme should be any individual or organization.

Electric Bike Subsidy In Gujarat 2022 Document Required

Students and any person or organization who want to avail this scheme have to submit the following supporting documents.        

  • Mark sheet and bonafide certificate of the beneficiary student .
  • Beneficiary student's school and college fee payment receipt.
  • Aadhaar card of the beneficiary student .
  • Caste Certificate of Beneficiary Student .
  • Copy of passbook of beneficiary student's bank account
  • If the beneficiary is an individual, their Aadhaar card or if it is an organization, their organization certificate .
  • If the beneficiary is a person, his three wheeler driving license.
  • Copy of passbook of bank account of beneficiary person or organization .
  • Passport size photographs of beneficiaries .
  • If the beneficiary wants to take High Speed ​​Battery Operated Two Wheeler then they have to produce driving license .

How To Apply Electric Scooter Subsidy Gujarat 

For this scheme, all the beneficiaries who have purchased an e-bike or electric rickshaw have to go to the GEDA website and download the application form or you can also download it from the place where we have given the application form above. Full details of offline application is indicated below.

First all the information asked in the application form has to be filled completely. And after filling the information all the above mentioned documents have to be attached with that application form.

Then go to the link given above and select the vehicle manufacturer and vehicle model , go to empaneled companies and sign the application form in full.

Two Wheeler Dealers List Gujarat

If you have bought an electric bike under the Two wheeler scheme in the state , below is the list of all approved dealers in the state. Please see it.

Diwa Dealer’sClick Here
Ward Wizard Dealer’sClick Here
Raj Electromotives Dealer’sClick Here
Overa E bike Dealer’sClick Here
Okinawa Dealer’sClick Here
Loads Mark’s Industry Dealer’sClick Here
Vietrice Motores Dealer'sClick Here
Electrotherem Authorised Dealer’sClick Here
Jitendra EV Bike Dealer’sClick Here
Ampere Dealer’s Panel GujaratClick Here
Elexa DealersClick Here
Odysse DealersClick Here
Delta Autocrop LLP ListClick Here
Hero Dealer’sClick Here

Official Website Of Gujarat Electric e Vehicle Scheme

For this scheme, if you want to get all the information or other information, then the official website of this scheme is given here. Please see it.

E bike Sahay Yojana Gujarat Contact Office

For any information about this scheme, you can go to the GEDA government office and get information. Or you can also call the helpline number given below .

Gujarat Energy Development Agency, 4th Floor , Block No. 11 & 12, Udyog Bhavan, Sector -11, Gandhinagar-382 017, Gujarat, India

Phone : +91-079-23257251, 23257253

Fax : +91-079-23257255, 23247097

Email : info@geda.org.in

For Common Inquiries : info@geda.org.in

FAQs - E bike Sahay Yojana Gujarat

Who is Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme 2023 for?
This scheme is an electric vehicle assistance scheme for class 9 to 12 and college students and individuals and institutions.

Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme 2023 How much assistance is available?
In this scheme, students are given an assistance of 12,000 rupees for an electric bike and 48,000 thousand for a three-wheeler.

Where to apply for Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme 2023?
For this scheme you have to go to GEDA office and apply. Or you can go to digital Gujarat Portal and apply online.

What is the contact number for Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme 2023?
For this scheme you should contact Gujarat Energy Development Agency, 4th floor, Block No. 11 & 12, Udyog Bhavan, Sector -11, Gandhinagar-382 017, Gujarat, India

Phone : +91-079-23257251, 23257253

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