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 The Kisan Parivahan Yojana is a scheme launched by the Gujarat government to provide financial assistance to farmers for the transportation of their agricultural produce. Under the scheme, farmers can apply for a subsidy to cover the cost of transporting their crops to market or a mandi. The scheme is intended to help farmers get better prices for their produce by reducing the cost of transportation and making it easier for them to access markets. The scheme is open to all farmers in India, regardless of their income level, and is aimed at reducing the financial burden on farmers and helping them to increase their income. The scheme is being implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare in partnership with state governments and other relevant agencies.

Kisan Parivahan Yojana 2023

કિસાન પરિવહન યોજના 2023 | Kisan Parivahan Yojana 2023

Objective of Kisan Parivahan Yojana

The objective of the Kisan Parivahan Yojana (KPY) is to provide financial assistance to farmers for the transportation of their agricultural produce. The scheme aims to reduce the cost of transportation for farmers and help them to access markets more easily, which in turn will help them to get better prices for their produce. By reducing the financial burden on farmers and increasing their income, the KPY is intended to help improve the livelihoods of farmers in India and contribute to the overall development of the agriculture sector. Additionally, the scheme is aimed at reducing wastage of agricultural produce and ensuring that farmers are able to sell their produce at remunerative prices.

Eligibility And Conditions Of Kisan Parivahan Yojana

  • Farmer Beneficiary should be from Gujarat State.
  • Small, marginal and women farmers of the state and Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Caste, General and other farmers will benefit from these schemes.
  • Beneficiary farmers will get benefit if they have land or forest rights certificate.
  • Beneficiary farmers can apply for a minimum time limit of 5 years to reap the benefit of freight transport scheme.
  • The farmer beneficiary has to fill the online form from the ikhedut portal to take advantage of this scheme.
Name of the schemeKisan Parivahan Yojana 2023
Subsidy on purchase of vehicles to transport farmers produce to farm markets
BeneficiaryTo the farmers of Gujarat
Amount of Assistance-1
35% of total cost or
75,000/- whichever is less to small, marginal, women, SC and ST farmers
Amount of Assistance-225% of total expenditure or
50,000/- whichever is less to General and other farmers.
Valid website  
How to ApplyClick.

Conditions of Purchase of Freight Vehicles

Conditions for ikhedut portal parivahan have been set by Gujarat state government . Farmers have to fulfill the following conditions to avail the benefit of this scheme.
  • Applicant farmers must be land holders.
  • (If applicable) should have tribal land for forest area.
  • The purchase has to be made from the designated empaneled and announced prize discovery through the iKhedoot portal.
  •  For this scheme, the beneficiary farmer has to purchase from an approved dealer (seller) of the manufacturer included in the panel.

Assistance Standard of Kisan Transport Scheme

Ikhedut subsidy is fixed in this scheme. Under this scheme Aadhaar subsidy will be given on the basis of caste and status of applicant farmer. Which are as follows.
To women, small, marginal, SC and ST farmersThese farmer beneficiaries will be eligible for assistance of 35% of the total expenditure or 75,000/- whichever is less.
General and other farmers These farmers will get a subsidy of 25% of the total cost or 50,000/- whichever is less.

Document For Benefit Of The Scheme

Online form of kisan parivahan yojana 2023 running on i-khedut portal has to be filled. For which the following documents are required.
  1. ikhedut portal 7-12
  2. Copy of Aadhar Card
  3. Cast certificate if farmer is SC and ST (if applicable)
  4. Copy of farmer's ration card
  5. Certificate of Disability for Farmers with Disability (if applicable)
  6. Copy of Forest Rights Letter for Tribal Area (if any)
  7. Consent form of other cultivator in case of joint tenant in 7-12 and 8-A ( Anyror Gujarat 7/12 ) land of agriculture.
  8. If having soul registration
  9. Details if member of Co-operative Society (if applicable)
  10. Information if member of milk producer association (if applicable only)

Ikhedut Portal New Registration

To avail benefits under Kisan Parivahan Yojana Gujarat, farmers have to apply online through i-Khedut portal. Beneficiary farmers can also apply online from their Gram Panchayat. And the farmer himself can apply at home.
  • First open website.
  • After opening the iKhedut website click on “Plan” .
  • After clicking on the plan, open “Khetiwadi nee Yojana” at number-1.
  • After opening “ Khetiwadi ni yojan a” where drum and two plastic free to farmers, crop storage structure scheme, water tank construction scheme, freight vehicle scheme etc. will show many schemes.
  • In which " Mal Vahak Vahan " scheme has to open the website by clicking on "Apply".
  • You will then be asked whether you are a registered applicant farmer. In which if you have registered then yes and if not you have to do no.
  • If you have registered then you have to apply by entering Captcha Image after entering Aadhaar Card Number and Mobile Number.
  • If the beneficiary is not registered on i-khedut then he has to apply online by selecting 'No'.
  • Beneficiary farmer has to click on save application after filling complete information.
  • After that the beneficiary has to check the details again and confirm the application. Note that once the application is confirmed, there will be no correction or increase in the application number.
  • Beneficiary can get print based on his application after applying online.

FAQ's Kisan Parivartan Yojana

How much benefit is available under Kisan Transport Yojana?
Farmers of Gujarat will get an estimated total assistance of up to 75,000/- under this scheme.

How to apply to avail Kishan Parivahan Yojana?
Farmers have to apply online at ikhedut portal to avail the scheme.

What is the objective of Kisan Mal Vahan Yojanas?
Subsidy is given on the purchase of vehicles to transport the crops produced by the farmers to the farm markets.


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