New Honda Activa Offer: Save Thousands by Visiting Showroom Now!

The highly popular Honda Activa, a favorite among Indian two-wheeler enthusiasts, is known for its impressive mileage and durability. 
Now, customers have an opportunity to purchase a vehicle with attractive new offers

Only down payment has to be given

Get your hands on a popular scooter with minimal upfront costs. You only need to pay a small down payment of ₹ 3999, thanks to the current promotion of Bank of Baroda and Federal Bank, which provides almost 100% financing.

Very low EMI to be paid

Affordable EMI payments. You can avail this scooter through a 2-year loan and pay a low EMI of just ₹3499. Additionally, the bank is offering a low interest rate of 7.99% for this loan.

Get cashback on purchases

Cashback opportunities on your purchases. If you decide to buy this scooter, you can also avail cashback offers of up to ₹5000 from credit card companies on your repayments, which will reduce the overall cost by over an additional ₹5000.

 Know the price and mileage

Learn about cost and fuel efficiency. The vehicle's ex-showroom price starts at just ₹72,000 and offers an impressive fuel efficiency of 60 km per litre.

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